Sunday, August 22, 2010

More Dress Sneakpeeks!

As the summer comes closer and closer to its' end, it's obvious that our promise of 'Summer 2010' may have been a bit too ambitious. Rest assured, the delays are all for the good of the shop. Our exterior has been finished for a few weeks and the interior is looking awesome. We'll be installing the flooring this coming week and after some boring paperwork is filled out, we will be ready for action! Maybe 'Early Fall 2010' is more accurate!

We do have more beautiful vintage dresses than we know what to do with, so we thought another photoshoot was in order. This one has back to school/late summer feel to it. You know what we mean, summer is coming to an end so you try your hardest to wear every last short sleeve dress you own before you have to drag out that cardigan or coat. Of course, both of these dresses would look great with a light sweater as the weather gets chillier!

Also featured in the first shoot is a mini-goal chalkboard from local artist Mary Kate McDevitt which will also be available in our shop!

We can't wait for you all to see everything in person. What's on your to-do list before summer comes to a close?

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