Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wearing Vintage

Since opening Wanderlust in September, I often think of my own history with vintage clothing. Every weekend I help people find their perfect dress, unique accessory or adorable sweater and I remember my own past searches for vintage. I think of how long I've been buying and wearing vintage and how meaningful each piece in my closet is.

I started shopping at thrift stores in 1994. I’d stop by the Pick’N Save in Kirkland Washington, comb the men’s pants aisle for the perfect pair of tweed 1940’s slacks and then head over to the little boys shirts for a 1970's ringer tee. It was the heyday of thrifting, and everything was .99 cents.

As I got older, my tastes moved away from Tomboy and into more novelty numbers. I spent an entire month in high school wearing nothing but vintage black velvet dresses which I’d pair with torn fishnets and a Jansport backpack. I discovered vintage shops around this time, and I bought my homecoming dress Senior year Fritzi Ritz in Seattle. I still think about an outrageous 1960’s yellow and white daisy applique dress I wore at least once week for years around that time.

As an adult, my taste for vintage has become more refined. I love 1950’s day dresses, cotton floral prints and girly details. When I dress down I like secretary tops that tie at the neck or a loose fitting plaid top from the late 70’s. Incorporating vintage into my wardrobe has given me style, individuality and I often find that a vintage item will fit my curvy body much better than it’s big box store equivalent.

The thing I find most fulfilling about being the proprietress of a vintage shop is that I help other people discover those same things. Some of our regulars are seasoned vintage lovers, who are just adding to their already amazing wardrobe but we also get people who have never bought a vintage dress before and when they find their 'dress-mate' you can see it on their face. They never knew a dress could show off their figure like that, or it's just the thing to wear to that party next weekend. Vintage is super accessible to everyone and I love helping people find their perfect match.

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