Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wanderlust Road Trip

It’s hard to describe what last weekend felt like. If you have ever imagined something that seemed practically impossible and then worked really hard to see that idea become a reality, then you probably know what I mean because so many of the initial goals we had for Wanderlust were met last weekend. We have a list of things we really want to do with this shop and this week we crossed a few of them off.

In case you don’t know, Dan and I are from Seattle. Most of our family and a lot of our friends still live there and we visit often. When we started Wanderlust in Portland, we knew a Seattle trip was inevitable because, of course, we would want our favorite people to see this thing we worked so hard on.

The other part of this trip was that it was the first time we really packed up the entire shop and moved it to a completely different location. This was both nerve wracking (what if people don’t like it!) and totally satisfying (this is exactly what a mobile shop should be!). In the end, it was mind blowing to do something that most shops cannot. We moved our entire shop, all our inventory, everything down to the changing room, up to Puyallup and opened our doors, just the same way we do every weekend in Portland. And that, without sounding too out-there about it, is exactly what mobile storefronts are about. It gives us flexibility while keeping everything that’s special about the store consistent. It is essentially exactly what we imagined this shop to be.

I don’t know. It just really blew my mind. We had a blast on the road too. A couple towing their own 1950’s airstream blew past us on the highway and gave us a big smile. We sang loudly to bad music and ate a lot of snacks, all while towing this special, once imagined, now real, thing behind us. A shop!

To everyone who made it to Puyallup and stepped into the shop- thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. We had the best time.

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