Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Street Fair Recap

Enjoying the Shade

We woke up bright and early Saturday morning to set up at the Mississippi Street Fair. We sandwiched our teeny shop between a jewelry vendor and a guy making awesome belts out of bike tires. We weren't sure how the day would go, we knew there'd be a ton of people but we didn't know how people would respond to the shop.

The Calm Before the Storm

Shoes all Lined up

I'd stocked the shop with all sorts of great new things, cowboy boots, a 1970's picnic basket and a ton of cotton vintage dresses. We were ready to go by 10am and as the people filtered in, we could tell it was going to be a busy day.

Crowded Around the Shop

There were people in and out of the shop, trying on dresses and shoes, coming back to pick up something they just couldn't stop thinking about, all day! As we closed up at the end of the day, we were shoving empty hangers anywhere we could find room and I was already thinking of all the shopping I would get to do, to restock!

You can check out more photos on our flickr page here.

Thank you so much to all the people who stopped by the street fair, it was a huge highlight for the shop and our most successful single day up to this point. We had to close up Sunday to recover but we'll be back up and running this Saturday 12-7pm and Sunday 12-5pm.

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