Monday, October 17, 2011

Diana mini shots

Are you familiar with the Diana cameras that Lomography makes? They seem to make the rounds on the internet often and a year or two ago we purchased the Diana Mini. It shoots in 35mm (as opposed to the big Diana camera that shoots medium format film) and we love taking it on vacations and lazy weekends. It takes the best photos, saturated with light and pretty colors.

Before we moved away from our Alberta location, we took a few photos of the trailer with the Diana mini. Didn't they turn out pretty? At the time we had this 1950's rose dress on our mannequin and I'm glad we did. The blue in those flowers really pops!

If you're in the market for your own Diana camera, I recommend Amazon which is where I bought our mini OR if you live in Portland, Pro Photo Supply, which is also where we get our film developed! Urban Outfitters carries a wide variety of colors (and Dan picked up our medium format Diana there) but the film tends to be pretty overpriced.

Who needs the hipstamatic app when you've got the real deal available to you?

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