Monday, November 14, 2011

Favorite Thrift Finds


In addition to the 'Vintage Inspiration' posts I do on here, I wanted to add another fun regular series 'Favorite Thrift Finds'. These will be vintage items I really love that I've found and kept for myself. I'm a bit of a collector, as I think most vintage re-sellers are, but to keep the husband happy and our home free of too much clutter, I can't keep a lot of the stuff I find. Sometimes though, something is just too precious to let go of and those are the items I'll be sharing here!

I picked up today's item about a month ago so it's a new favorite and I'm so excited to share it here:


I love this vintage valentine. Full disclosure: I found this at an estate sale, but it still counts as a thrift find since I shop at estate sales as often as thrift stores. Anyway, I love this thing and framed it to put on the wall of our bedroom. This is a great trick for older paper ephemera you don't want to just store in boxes, head to Ikea (or your local thrift store) and frame it up! I love this charming image and one of my favorite parts is that the girl's legs actually go back and forth! Adorable! I'm always looking for old photos, postcards and greeting cards for the shop but when I came across this one,I just had to keep it for myself.

So what about you? What's your favorite recent score?

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