Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Location!

Lodekka & Wanderlust

You might have seen on our facebook or twitter pages that we have a new permanent location! On Sunday we towed into our new location, snuggled up next to our soulmate boutique, Lodekka, on North Williams between Pix Patisserie and Hopworks Bikebar.
It's amazing how this all came together and I really believe it was meant to be. At some point this Summer Erin (who owns and operates Lodekka) and I came up with the idea of moving our shops in together to create Portland's first retail cart pod. Why make our customers run back and forth between our businesses, when we could join forces and have one location with the best vintage selection in town? As Erin found out that the city was kicking her off her previous location, my lease was up at our location on Alberta. I closed down to save some money and look for a new location. When a space on Williams became available, we jumped at the chance! After getting the thumbs up from the city and upgrading the electrical, we're now hunkered down together in front of a cute little 1950's building in the heart of North Williams. This street is so fantastic, new restaurants are opening all the time (a Peruvian one is set to open any day now) and all the other small business owners there have already been sweet and supportive of Wanderlust joining in on the fun.


We're planning a Grand Re-Opening event for December 2nd, so keep an eye out for that. We also plan on fun Friday Happy Hours (discounts on your shopping!) and more activities that include other businesses on Williams. I'll be sure to update our calender here with all the info.
Lodekka was open last weekend for the first time in the new location and I'll be opening Friday from 11-6 for the first time. I went over to the shop today to set up and I ended up replacing our Summer stuff with some perfect colder weather items, including wool skirts, long sleeve dresses and cardigans, while I was there. I'm also doing some re-organzing of our interior to make space for more accessories and other goodies. I hope you'll come say 'hi' to us in our new location and check out all the vintage offerings in both our shops. It's twice the vintage fun now!
And finally, we've decided being open two days a week just isn't enough. We'll now be open Friday and Saturday 11am-6pm and Sunday 11am-5pm.


  1. hi there! we stumbled upon your blog and absolutely love what you are doing. we can't wait to read up some more on you! in the meantime, we added you to our sidebar of places on our blog. we love finding new people that inspire us :)

    Erin and Jeannine