Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Out the Door...


I had so much fun yesterday seeing our online shop up and running. We've even had a couple sales already which thrills me beyond belief. I've never sold vintage clothing online before so this is really trial and error. If it does well, then I'll keep posting new items. My favorite part so far has been rounding up our models for photoshoots! The photos in our shop with the Hawthorne bridge in the background were taken just 3 blocks from my studio.


Today I'm packing up orders from yesterday, sending some pretty dresses off to their new homes. I thought it would be fun to share the packaging with you. I buy a lot of clothes online and I love when they arrive wrapped up with care, don't you?

Also, take a look at Little Chief Honeybee today. One of my favorite bloggers Kaelah has posted some photos of her in a dress from Wanderlust Couture. She looks darling! 

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