Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vintage Inspiration: Ultimate Icon


Did anyone see these photos of Marilyn Monroe on the Huffington Post? (Full disclosure: I found this link on, ahem, Perez Hilton). Anyway, I was totally blown away by these never before seen shots. I've included a few favorites here, but you should really check out the full slide show for all 19 of the photos.



I know everyone always talks about how curvy Marilyn was (the term 'Size 14' often pops up in conversations) but last night when I was watching Antiques Roadshow someone brought in the dress Marilyn wore in 'Some Like it Hot' and let me tell you, that thing was tiny. The waist looked about 26 inches and although it looked like she had some hips, all and all I would guess it was more of a modern size 6, maybe even smaller.

When people try a dress on from my shop and ask me why people were so much smaller 50 years ago, I usually site two things. Shape-wear (a nice name for a gurdle) and cigarettes.

Why do you think people were so teeny in the 50's and 60's?

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