Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vintage Clothing Tags

One of my absolutely favorite things to look at on vintage clothing is the tags. I come across the same ones, particularly if they're old Portland shops, a lot but it's always a thrill to discover new labels I've never seen before.



Here's a few men's labels that I love. The Meier and Frank one is classic. Both of these items are long gone and their pretty labels are hanging in someone's closet.



And these labels are from some of my favorite dresses I've had in the shop. Eve Carver and Jeanne D'Arc! H&M and Gap just don't have the same ring, do they? When I come across these, I know I've found something special and I'm excited to find more in 2012!


  1. even the tags were cooler back then! can't wait to see what the third one down is. that print is incredible!

    happy new year!


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