Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bundle Up






After the craziness that is the holidays, the shop was feeling a little bare. While the shop has been closed, I've been stocking up on some super special vintage items that I'll finally be putting out on Friday when we re-open. (I say finally because some of these things I bought at the end of December, right after we closed, and I feel like I've been looking at them forever!)

Any way, today I wanted to show off a few of the warmer coats, sweaters and ponchos I priced today. My favorite is probably the red coat at the top there. It's actually the second coat I've had from Presentation, a company I think was around in the 1960's. It has the same embroidered lining as the other jacket I had and if this one doesn't sell this weekend, I'll probably take some more photos of it and put it in our etsy shop.

Speaking of the online shop, I'm keeping it closed for a little longer. I want to photograph some new items before we re-open and I just haven't had a chance. I'll definitely let you know here when I decide to do that!

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