Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Personal Post: My Bedroom

This year I have a few goals. One is to write a few personal blog posts here. I had a personal blog that I've decided to let go of so I can focus on this one, but I'd still like to write personal posts about vintage, running the shop and maybe even a DIY project or two!

My other goal is to get my home in order. I started doing it last Fall but it's definitely a work in progress. Today I rearranged some of the artwork in my bedroom and since a lot of the stuff is vintage, I thought it would be fun to share a few photos here.


This is one of the corners I worked on today. I found the velvet bird paintings on the buying trip I took to Montana in September. The wooden bird is from my favorite Portland shop Flutter and the black/white lettering was a Christmas gift from my step-mom. The sequin mask is vintage. I found it at an estate sale full of old dance costumes sometime last year. It's a favorite of mine.


This cluster of artwork is right above our bed. I made the center piece with vintage wallpaper, some vintage hankies and a frame from Ikea. I like that I can always change it around and put new things in there if I get bored with how it looks. The two ballerina paint-by-numbers were a gift from Dan years ago and the ceramic branch says "You are lovely" on it and was a gift from some good friends with fantastic taste.


And finally, a little peek at our bedside table. We have a vintage green dresser and on top are lots of little bits and bobs. We like to burn candles (including my new favorite: Voluspa Santiago Huckleberry) so there are always some of those, more vintage hankies on top of an old wooden box that belonged to Dan's grandfather. Currently I'm reading Mindy Kaling's book so that's hanging out there too.

And that's it! Just a little look into my home. I would love to share more as I continue to get my home in order. This week I'm busy pricing inventory for the Bin Sale this Sunday. There are going to be so many good things, I hope you'll stop by if you're in the Portland area!


  1. I'm never a fan of wall decorations but yours are eye-catching and beautiful! I hope I could find new homes for sale with a wide wall like yours.

  2. I love your wall decors! I was actually planning to convert my room's wall into a sort of a 'freedom wall' where I could pin anything. I'm sure our Long Island home builders wouldn't mind.