Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vintage Inspiration: Casual Men

1950s Man Smoking Pipe Vintage Interior Living Room Photo

Here's a vintage inspiration that I've been anxious to do for a while. Men! There is so much good casual vintage fashion for men. Lots of plaid, slightly baggy pants and the hair! The hair sort of makes all these photos.

1950s Bar Restaurant Lounge Men Women Smiling Drinking Vintage Photo 2

I thought it would be fun to focus on casual clothing for men. Since I just happened upon a ton of vintage plaid button-ups for the shop, it's sort of fun to see how they were originally styled.

1950s PABST BLUE RIBBON baseball TOMMY HENRICH vintage sports athlete advertisement

1950 Christmas Family man woman baby kids vintage photo 1950s black and white

Jack's Photos

I love how you can see all the men's socks in the photo above. Argyle socks! I'm planning on doing another one of these with just men's swimwear because there are SO MANY old photos of men in swim trunks.

I am actually really surprised to see that men's fashion hasn't changed a whole lot in 50 or so years. Really it's just the hairstyle that's changed and men tend to wear more fitted pants without pleats. Of course, all these men look so handsome. I love looking at old photos to gain fashion inspiration and it's handy when I'm shopping for the store to look out for some of the items I see.


  1. From the looks of it, I think some of the clothes doesn't look vintage at all. Except maybe for the high socks. I see a lot of men wearing that checkered top nowadays.
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  2. Huge fan of the classic look. I usually rock turtle neck and jeans with a pair of leather shoes. I am also a fan of mens jewelry NYC.

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  5. Guys, I hope this helps you in finding your fashion footing and girls, isn't it nice to just look at some photos of well dressed men sometimes? Happy Wednesday! 80s mens fashion

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  7. truly golden these vintage photos and dresses. even though i wasn't alive in this time, it brings a strange nostalgia.