Monday, January 16, 2012

Vintage Inspiration: Mae West

Mae West

It's been a while since I posted a new vintage inspiration. This one was inspired by Make 'Em Laugh, a documentary on public television about comics. They had a short section on Mae West during last nights episode, and I was so intrigued.

Mae West & W.C. Fields

I had no idea how sexual her jokes were, I really though all the hulla-ba-lo about her was because she dressed provocatively. I had no idea how witty, sharp and dirty her humor was.

Mae West - by George Hurrell 1933

Cigarette Card - Mae West

Mae West

Last night, watching the documentary, I learned that she was nearly 40 when she arrived in Hollywood, determined to make it as a star. The movie studios began to censor her a few years after she started making films, claiming her jokes were too risque. She was even banned from the radio, with the censors deciding it wasn't the material itself but the way Mae said it, that made it indecent.

I'm sad to say, I've never seen a full length Mae West film. I think a snowy January evening, might be just the perfect time to sit down and watch one. Anyone out there have a recommendation on where to start?

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  1. Goin to Town is my favorite Mae West movie.. I've been a MW fan since I was about 14.. check out you tube.. I have posted many clips from her movies.. Asobetrainer on you tube..

    She's the best.. and always nice to find someone who discovers her for the first time