Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Look Book Spring Behind the Scenes


We've been working hard lately on our upcoming look book for Spring 2012. It all sort of came together a couple weeks ago, once my buddy Michael agreed to do the photography. Last week we did an initial shoot on North Williams and then on Sunday we hauled a bunch of furniture, clothes and other accessories to the top of Powell Butte and did another.



Since we shot everything on film, I still haven't seen the photos but I did shoot some 'Behind the Scene' ones on my phone. It was super windy but the sun was out and our models were great putting up with chilly weather in their little sun dresses and short sleeved shirts.

I may show a few photos here in the next couple weeks and then the look book will debut in its entirety at the end of February. It will also coincide with re-opening our etsy shop and I'll bring some Spring items into the shop that week too.

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  1. this is beautiful! i can't wait to see the photos if this is what the 'behind the scenes' looks like. we are working on bringing some spring into our wardrobe here too!