Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Styling a Photoshoot

Something I really love doing is styling for photo shoots. Putting outfits together, picking locations, coming up with neat details to put in. Usually it's just for Etsy or publicity photos but I had the very best time styling for our first ever look book. Michael, our photographer, was smart enough to shoot a few shots of us dressing the models and generally messing around between shots.


I love these photos! Even though it was incredibly windy up on Powell Butte while we were shooting, it really was a super fun morning. Everyone was in great spirits and the models were game to try on all the clothes I'd hauled up there.

I'm so excited to share the end result with you on Friday. I'm nearly done putting it all together. The hardest part has been picking photos because Michael took SO MANY good ones.

I will also be putting out most of the clothes from the look book in our shop on Friday so if there's something you love, you can come by and snatch it up!

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