Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Knitted Lovelys

IMG_1444 copy

The weather in Portland has been all over the place, I suppose it's just typical Spring. One day is pouring rain and the next is sunny and dry. The temperature seems to remain around the 50's if it's dry or not, so a sweater is the perfect thing to throw over your dress or t-shirt and jeans. Here are some great finds from this week that I'll be hanging in the shop Friday.



These long sweaters for the ladies would look fantastic over a secretary dress and with a cute belt around the waist, don't you think? I am totally obsessed with 1970's sweaters and cardigans right now.



I've been selling these button up cardigans to men and women alike. The colors on these ones are pretty unique and, I must admit, I freaked out a bit when I found the green one.

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