Monday, April 23, 2012

Tendril Flower Cart

Spring 2012 Tendril Flower Cart

As I mentioned in my previous post we had a great little addition to our pod on North Williams last weekend, Tendril Flowers! Our friend Nyki runs this adorable little flower shop out of a darling wooden cart. She wheeled it over to our lot, set up her bouquets and flowers and was open for business. If you're looking for a little Spring arrangement to brighten up your home, she'll be at the lot next weekend (and we hope longer!) so you can come by and check it out.

She put these adorable daisies and other flowers in a vintage teapot and I set them in front of the shop, on our metal cooler. It looked darling! We really love having another business on our lot, it looks really great. Now that the weather is warming up (we're actually having a bit of a heat wave, for April, in Portland) it was fun to be outside all weekend, selling vintage clothes and flower. What a perfect pair.


  1. This is adorable! If lived in Portland I might not be able to leave your lot!

  2. That cart is so cute, what a fun idea!

  3. Thanks guys! I hope you can visit us sometime!