Monday, June 18, 2012

Before and After Cotton Floral Dress

This is a bit of a different 'before and after.' You might remember the dress above from our Etsy shop this Spring. A friend of mine Tiffany, picked it up after she fell in love with the print. We discussed the dress a bit over Etsy convos and I told her a I thought it might be a little too big for her. She was so excited about it that she decided to take a chance and then alter it if it didn't work.

Fast forward to the beginning of June when Dan and I went to a wedding in Connecticut. Tiffany was there too and when she walked in, my jaw hit the floor. She'd taken the dress to a tailor and had it shortened and taken in a bit. The result was absolutely dreamy! She looked adorable and I was so happy she took a chance on the dress and made it work for her.

I tell people all the time that if they really love something, have it tailored so it fits perfectly. Tiffany did a fantastic job of that and I'm thrilled she breathed some new life into this dress.

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