Friday, June 22, 2012

Vintage Inspiration: Bathing Suits

Judy Sargent and Blonde Friend - Chicago, Illinois Vintage Satin Swimsuit At the beach 2 Kodacolor Sailfish.jpg Bathing Beauty! (1970)

We have a few vintage bathing suits that I've been saving up for our shop opening and since the weather has been pretty nice in these parts (well, except for today!) I'm planning a little photoshoot on Wednesday with one of my favorite photographers, Micheal Harper and some adorable models.

We're trying for a really natural looking shoot so I find these photos super inspiring. The photos seem so organic, not silly or overtly sexual like a lot of bathing suit photos.

Don't you love vintage bathing suits? They're getting pretty hard to find in the Portland area (where the typical lady has just one or two swimsuits) but I feel lucky to have a few in the shop. I also love Popina Swimwear and Modcloth for modern vintage-inspired swimwear.

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