Monday, September 10, 2012

Vintage Inspiration: Plaid Skirts

Vintage Wardrobe Remix!
dan river fabrics plaids 1954
girl, cat, plaid skirtUntitled
Plaid skirts are so classic. They never go out of style and somehow, every Fall, it's exactly what I feel like wearing. I like a plaid skirt paired with a collared top and a sweater, like the two ladies in the last photo. But a simple pull over or button up shirt looks just as chic.

I picked up a handful of plaid skirts today to put in the shop Wednesday and I'm in love with all the color combinations and styles. Pair them with ankle socks or tights and you're ready for the colder weather to set in!

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  1. Plaid skirts!!! I have several of those :~) And~~Colleen Corby!!! My favorite model when I was in high school :~)