Friday, March 1, 2013

Hula Seventy Party Tonight!

I have been looking forward to this window installation for a while. Andrea Jenkins, sometimes known as hula seventy from her blog, is one of my favorite bloggers, photographers and stylists. (I don't know if she'd say she's a stylist, but check our photos of her home and you'll know what I mean!)

This month she's put together a window that's all about the itch we get this time of year to go somewhere warm. She's included a truck load of her vintage suitcases and some of her darling cameras. Her limited edition prints are all from a trip she took to Palm Springs last year.

I hope you'll stop by tonight between 5 and 9pm and check out her installation and prints. It's definitely one of my favorites yet!

*photos by Andrea Jenkins

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  1. thanks so much for having me, vanessa! such an honor! xo