Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Arrivals: The Sixties

 Late 60s cotton Vera tunic

 1960s Linen Shift Dress

 Blue Barkcloth 60's Bikini

Red Floral 60s Cotton Shift

Have you been watching the last two seasons of Mad Men? I just love mid-60s fashion so the fashion in the show has been right up my alley lately. This morning I put out a handful of wonderful 60s items in the shop that are perfect for Spring and Summer.

af buffcastle

I love how bright the clothing was and of course, all the floral prints. I know a lot of vintage sellers that don't care for the 60s but I think, when it was done right, an item can be just as timeless as an item from the 40s.

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  1. Check out my mum in the old photograph i loved her style, only wished she held on to some dresses Lol