Sunday, September 15, 2013


For my birthday this year, Dan and I took a much needed vacation to Barcelona. We booked it in the Spring so I had all Summer to pick out my outfits. I knew it would be still be warm at the end of August so I chose lots of lightweight pieces. I also brought just a few pairs of shoes, so everything worked with my navy blue Sven sandals or Tom's slip ons.

Most days I remembered to ask Dan to take a photo of my outfit. You can find a bunch of his non-outfit photos here on his flickr page. All of my dresses and skirts were cotton or rayon and we had an iron at the apartment we rented so after a quick ironing in the morning, I was ready to go!

On my birthday we went to the beach and I wore my 1970's rainbow cotton dress over my bathing suit and these cute cat sunglasses I picked up on ebay. That evening we had an amazing meal at Cinc Sentits and I wore a linen rayon blend dress with beading from the 1940s. This dress was in the shop for a month and not a single person tried it on, right before we left for our trip I realized I didn't have a fancy enough dress for our dinner and randomly tried it. It fit like a glove and now it's my new favorite dress!

Our vacation was so lovely. Barcelona is a wonderful town and we happily split our time between laying on the beach and stuffing our faces with tapas. It was the best.

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  1. Those dresses! I can't get enough. Looks like a great time :)

    - April