Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Colors and Prints.

Over the holidays, I took a week off to spend some time with my husband's family and then road trip to a little house hanging off at cliff somewhere in Sonoma Valley in Northern California. It was a fantastic, relaxing, perfect trip that really allowed me to recharge and come back to the shop with new eyes. I had been struggling recently with how to make the shop more sustainable for myself. Meaning that I could live a life outside of Wanderlust and not spend every second that I wasn't maning the front counter on the hunt for vintage. Of course the hunt for vintage is something I really love about owning the shop and I don't want to count that out completely but how could I continue to fill my store with adorable items and not have to spend every weekend on the road or feel guilty for not stopping at a yard sale when I'm on a road trip with my husband? I'm so thrilled with the answer I came up with, it's simple really, this year Wanderlust will expand it's ethically made line of dresses and clothing. These are well made items, designed and manufactured in the same place, affordable and stylish, and best of all available in a variety of sizes! 

The first orders I put in were for more men's button ups from our favorite guy designer Cary Lascala and then starting new relationships with Los Angeles based dress line Fleet and Montreal based Supayana. These photos are of some of these designers gorgeous dresses, all under $70, that are currently in the shop. They fit great, are made well and could easily be mistaken for a cute vintage frock.Wanderlust will always carry mainly vintage clothing but I hope you'll also embrace these new offerings as well, all perfect for Spring!

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