Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Time Look Book 2014

It's finally here: Our Summer Time Look Book! Back in early May I got together with my favorite photographer Andrea Corrona Jenkins and my favorite model Dasha (who you may recognize from previous Wanderlust shoots) for a photo shoot. It was a typical Spring day in Portland, meaning the weather was completely unpredictable, but somehow we came away with the cutest little set of photos I've ever seen.

It was such a perfect day. We pushed and pulled those balloons out of my car about a million times, waited out a rain storm with cups of hot chai and got smiles from everyone who walked by, because strangers will always smile when an adorable girl is walking around with two dozen balloons. I'm so lucky to be surrounded by amazing friends who want to collaborate on projects like this.


It was torture picking my favorites from the photos Andrea sent me so I plan to continue to share these as the Summer goes on. There are so many more magical balloon photos!

Each of these dresses is currently available at the shop. If you're local, you can stop by and check them out yourself or if you're elsewhere, feel free to email me at for sizing and pricing.

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