Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Road Trippin'

So, as promised, I brought back a car full of fantastic pieces for the shop. I was able to purchase some great wool items that are on their way to the cleaner this week and should be trickling into the shop in the coming weeks. There is also fantastic tooled leather purses, a whole box of 1940s suede shoes, amazing jewelry and some select hats that I'm so excited to share!

Road trips like this can be lonely, filled with hours of books on tape, RadioLab podcasts and 3 iced coffees in a single day. I do try to enjoy the views (the Columbia Gorge is so gorgeous), eat at a local restaurant and let the thrill of a car full of vintage to push me forward.

I've already spent today sorting through jewelry and some clothing that doesn't need cleaning so new items are in the shop starting today!

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